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Our Story

Our Story

Business owners and managers want technology to just work!

We get it! TeamLogic IT – Memphis is a Technology Success Provider not just another computer company. We first study your desired outcomes then together we create the right mix of talent and technology that is required to achieve your current and future goals.  

We are dedicated to your success by delivering consistent and predictable results from your technology. We realize that turning a profit is a clear goal and understand that to do that it is a blend of your business model and your value proposition that successfully solves your customer’s problems. We know the business entrusted to you is your passion! 

Everybody is fine until they know the truth and until they witness what they have versus what they can have. We are completely transparent from our very first meeting to our monthly invoices to our quarterly business reviews to our recommended plans. We guarantee to tell it like it is. 

We work with decision makers who have grown frustrated with their technology and their current IT provider (in-house or outsourced) who’s provider have become complacent, less responsive, not solving problems quickly, is slow to return calls, and has become unable to keep up with technology and ultimately scale with their client/company.

We do this by by becoming your IT department or by co-managing your technology with your internal Team. We guarantee that we do not want the jobs of your IT team. We only want to make them heros with our state of the art management and security and compliance tools and award winning IT management technology.

Bottom line we want to eliminate you and your management Team's worries and frustrations with technology so ya'll can focus on delighting your clients and continue to build a successful business.

How do we take these frustrations and worries away? First and foremost with Teamwork. Your Team and ours. Then we use our unique technology planning and support model to deliver on our promise “to BETTER your organization with talent, technology and outstanding service. Here is how we become your Technology Success Provider: 

1. FOCUS: We bring focus and experience not only in technology, but how it is used, applied, standardized so that the right technology is a means to accelerate your business.

2. STANDARDIZATION: We are passionate about technology, policies and procedures and workflow standardization. Because our customers use our baseline standards, we can solve problems faster and proactively identify solve issues faster before they become a problem. This allows us to provide better strategic advice on how to optimize technology, more accurate problem solving and inturn faster remediation of your issues. The net result being the growth and improvement of your business by increasing your: speed to market , reduction in your total cost of goods and an increase in employee efficiency, effectiveness and morale to name just a few of your benefits.   

3. DISCIPLINE: We are disciplined in how we do things. We have proven set of process and procedures that help us do it right the first time, or darn near. It starts with onboarding, carries through to our proactive management work that occurs when you are sleeping to our quarterly business reviews and ultimately the technology road map that we submit quarterly. Discipline also speaks to delivering on our promise. We know we can’t be all things to all people therefore we are judicious as to how many new customers we take on. We ONLY accept 10 – 12 new fully managed clients every year. We’ve learned that too many new clients can significantly strain and max out our system, overburden our team which in turn hurts our ability to deloiver on our promise: provide the best support possible to our existing customers, and the best on-boarding experience for our new customers.

4. PROTECTED: We are serious about security and compliance and have the credentials to prove it. We go overboard in protecting our customers. Protecting you ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your systems and ultimately your business. Done right you can use a new, more robust security posture to maintain your customer base and add new revenue. In today's world where cybercrime is growing at hyper fast rates and no one is safe, we take protecting you seriously.
5. PEOPLE: It is no surprise that our employees are the secret sauce. That is why we call, it "People First. Tech Next," your people and ours. Unlike other computer service companies, we do not hire entry level people to solve technology problems or to create technology road maps. We only hire Level II & II engineers. Our “hire right” process is rigorous including a minimum of three interviews, technical testing, DISC personality profiles and criminal background checks. Once hired they then go through training on our technical solutions and customer service excellence training during their 90 day probation period. Every member of our engineering team must annually earn a least one new technical certification per year. They also receive monthly customer service excellence training with a professional.
All five of these are coordinated and integrated together to help our customers become more successful, serve and exceed the expectations of their customers and continually reach real goal of being as profitable as they can be.

Give us a call or fill out a free consultation request form when you are ready to discuss how to drive your business forward with the right blend of technology, our Level II & III computer engineers and unique support model offered by TeamLogic IT – Memphis.

That's why we call what we do The Color of ConfidenceTM. With TeamLogic IT, you'll never worry about technology again. With over 200 locations nationwide and 15+ years of experience, we understand the IT challenges you face. Give us a call today!

Managed Services with TeamLogic IT

Managed Services with TeamLogic IT

At TeamLogic IT, we leverage technology to your advantage. We’re your ear to the ground and your muscle in the trenches—assessing equipment performance, troubleshooting issues, managing upgrades and installations, leveraging trends and much more to help you get the most from your technology investment.

Whatever the challenge, you can move forward with confidence knowing that TeamLogic IT provides you with 360 degrees of proactive, preventative and responsive Managed IT Services. Every business depends on technology. That’s why you want a trusted technology advisor—TeamLogic IT.

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Press Release

Oct 24, 2023

Franchise Awards Announced at Annual TeamLogic IT Event

TeamLogic Inc. presents awards to top-performing franchisees at the company’s annual Owners Summit and Vendor Show in Tampa.


Nov 29, 2022

TeamLogic IT Receives Industry Recognition as Fast-Growing MSP

TeamLogic IT has been recognized by four prominent media outlets as among the fastest-growing managed services solution providers.


Apr 12, 2022

TeamLogic IT Named a Top Recession-Proof Business for 2022

Independent Research Data Shows High Franchisee Satisfaction and Opportunity to Outperform


Nov 2, 2021

Local Business Receives Top 10 Award at National Franchise Meeting

TeamLogic IT in Memphis Receives Top Volume Award


Sep 30, 2021

TeamLogic IT Makes Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

For the 5th Time, TeamLogic IT Appears on the Inc. 5000 thanks to a three-year revenue growth of 104%.


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