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Internet & Wireless Networks

Internet & Wireless Networks

Cloud and shared resources require stable and fast networks. If your current solution does not offer the connectivity your business needs, you may be experiencing slow Internet service and sluggish cloud computing. We will help you experience complete communication freedom by sharing a wide range of Internet and wireless network solutions that deliver such benefits as: greater productivity, increased efficiencies and reduced installation and maintenance costs.


Managing a Wide Area Network (WAN) can be complicated and costly. An SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) may be a viable consideration since software-defined support works well with economical-broadband links while still serving real time data and voice performance. Your business can experience increased bandwidth at lower costs, full visibility into the network and centralized management across branch networks.
Phone Systems

Phone Systems

Ready to turn your phone system into a veritable communications powerhouse?  Phone systems have evolved from basic send/receive call equipment to sophisticated communication platforms that deliver robust capabilities to businesses of all sizes. TeamLogic IT can apply the latest technologies to work for your organization. 

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Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Connect, communication and collaborate.  If you and your team want more effective ways to handle business from any device anywhere, TeamLogic IT can help you explore those opportunities with unified communications. This is where you will find business class instant messaging and chat, video conferencing, desktop sharing, voice mail, and more. 

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