What & Why: Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-factor authenticationMost data breaches can be traced to poor password hygiene, which means that securing network or account access solely with passwords is very risky business. For added protection, many companies now safeguard their systems with multi-factor authentication (MFA), which requires two or more forms of verification before granting user access.

A LastPass survey of 3,000 companies showed that year-over-year use of MFA nearly doubled in 2018. Security ‘factors’ include: something users know (username password/pin number); have (security token, SMS code), or are (biometric proof, also called ‘inherence,’ such as a thumbprint, iris scan or facial recognition).

Online retailers, social media platforms and others offer MFA options. So, if you go multi-factor, employees will know the concept. Given rising breach costs and compliance requirements, MFA could be a prudent and worthwhile investment. But choosing a solution requires expert knowledge and insight. Call us to learn more.