Countering the 4 Most Likely Cyberattacks


GettyImages-1192258717-(1).jpgYour security strategy probably includes taking some measured precautions to safeguard data and repel malicious attacks. Question is, are you fighting the right cyber fight? CSO and cybersecurity consultant, Roger A. Grimes, thinks it’s possible you’re not. “One of the biggest security problems I see is perception,” he explains. “The threats companies think they face are often vastly different than those that pose the greatest risk.” In reverse order, here are the four most probable attacks the security expert thinks businesses will encounter.
#4) Social Media Threats: Often characterized by a rogue friend or app-install request, these exploits can capture social platform passwords that also unlock the corporate network. Counter these vulnerabilities with ongoing user education and two-factor authentication (2FA).
#3) Unpatched Software: “Not one company I’ve ever audited has had perfectly patched software,” Grimes laments, calling out browser add-ins like Adobe Reader and others as dangerous vulnerabilities. Your (obvious?) next step: Perfect patching around the most exploited programs.
#2) Password Phishing Attacks: Up to 70 percent of all email is spam, some of it nearly indiscernible replicas of legitimate correspondence. Though potentially unpopular with users, having logins that can’t be given away–such as biometrics, 2FA and others–is an effective way to elude the password phisher’s hook.
#1) Socially Engineered Malware: Tricking users into running a malware-laden Trojan horse (frequently from a trusted website) is today’s number one method of attack.
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