TeamLogic IT Youngstown, OH Hosts Ransomware Webinar


Youngstown, OH

TeamLogic IT Youngstown, OH Hosts Ransomware Webinar
Don't Let Ransomware Hold Your Business Hostage
As a reminder, in this webinar, we discussed how phishing and ransomware is on the rise, and small businesses are the main target.
A survey of over 1,000 global managed service providers showed that the ransomware epidemic continues to wreak havoc on the business community.  As we move through 2021, our reliance on our IT infrastructure continues to grow. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are seizing on this growth and a recent study showed that the small business community is their favorite target. In order to combat these threats, cyber resiliency is key to keeping your office safe from these attacks. In this webinar, we covered:

1.  How a pandemic and the shift to remote work has impacted ransomware trends
2.  The various tactics hackers are using and the industries they're targeting
3.  What the aftermath of an attack looks like
4.  Ransomware attack prevention and recovery methods

To access the full webinar recording and the presentation slides, click here.
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