5 Stars! TeamLogicIT is a great company that responds to our needs quickly and gets the results quickly.

Stacey Wilda, D.O.

Owner, Wilda Eye Care

It's been a great experience for many years, and I hope to continue. TeamLogic IT has been great and I like their customer service because the staff is very responsive and easy to get a hold of. They are excellent on short notice and when there are emergencies--as we've had to deal with - they've been great.

Angela O'Keefe .

Account Executive, Financial Advisors

Our experience with TeamLogic IT is always pleasant None of us here are very tech savvy. TeamLogic IT takes care of everything and explains things at our level--non tech-people levels--and we are just very pleased.

Sherry Furseth

Office Manager, GN Furseth Oil & Gas Producer

We outsource all of the I.T. and they do everything for us - total security, disaster recovery, any type of issue - they do it all! We are a small company, but they treat us like a large company. They are very personable and when I call, I know I am dealing with real people on the other end. Real individuals that listen to me and that are not condescending at all, which can be the case with I.T. companies. When I'm not able to reach anyone, they always get back to me within an hour. I really appreciate the quick response time! They are personable, respectful, helpful, and very knowledgeable too. They know what they are talking about and, when they don't, they are honest and straightforward about it. They will say that they don't know but will find out. I once had a friend ask me about them because he was leery of using a small company. I told him that they are only small locally and they have a large support group backing them up. Overall, I am very pleased with their service, the staff is great, and I highly recommend!

Vicki Taylor

Office Manager, M&M Energy

Extremely helpful, convenient, and reliable. Absolutely 5 stars. I work for a medical office with multiple physicians, and TeamLogic IT has handled all of our server issues, our EMR system, and general machine maintenance for 10 years now. They are great! They will actually step in and take the initiative to find a solution and take care of things so that I don't have to. This has been very beneficial to me in allowing me more time to focus and actually do my job. They are essential, if you ask me. They get involved and will take the time to learn your system and become familiar with everything. Once everyone is comfortable, they will take over the IT side of things, and simplify your interaction with technology, as it is associated with your business. It's so helpful and has made all the difference for me, and our busy office. They can work remotely and can actually assist you, and give you options over the phone. How convenient! I really appreciate their service and highly recommend them - you won't regret it!

Samantha Flanagan

Practice Manager, Draelos Metabolic

We had an office move recently and the people over at TeamLogic IT really helped us out with that. They moved all of our computers for us and got them all set up in the new office with hardly any errors. They are just very efficient and responsive when we call them which is perfect. We would recommend them to anyone who needs some IT help.

Lori Kaestner

Office Manager, Iron Horse Investments

Very reliable. The people from TeamLogic IT are really great and they do an excellent job of helping us out. They are always quick to respond to our calls which is great. They are local which makes it easier for them to come out to us which really helps when we are in a pinch. They have always been able to solve any problem that we have had. They are really easy to work with and I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of IT support.

David Parker

President, International Pentecostal Holiness Church Loan Fund

Extremely satisfied with the support that TeamLogic IT has provided us over the LAST 10 YEARS. They have always been very responsive to the support of my organization and timely with any solutions needed.

Tony Craig

Owner, Jan-Pro

Good service - prompt and reliable. The company I work for has been using TeamLogic IT for many years now and they have always been very dependable and reliable. They are prompt and they always have helpful advice and suggestions for us. They are great and I highly recommend TeamLogic IT!

Rose B.

Office Manager, Turner & Son Homes

I would like to thank TeamLogic who has already enabled half of or 100+ staff to go remote this coming week! It's when you need a RELIABLE IT TEAM that you appreciate them the most!

Rachel Mathew

Owner, Polston Tax Resolution & Accounting