Enterprise Grade Support for a Small Business
“I feel like we’re getting the same support I would expect if we were a big corporation.  TeamLogic IT has the depth and breadth of knowledge, and an efficient help desk process.  I know it is nerve wracking when making a change like this, I went through it and found a number of improvements to my systems that I didn’t even know was an option.”

Whitey O'Malley

General Manager, Saddleback Golf Club

Tremendous value
“TeamLogic IT’s technicians are experienced experts that meet the user “where they are” – some users are reasonably tech-savvy, some are clueless, they adjust their approach accordingly.  Don’t wait to contact TeamLogic IT, they are responsive and provide tremendous value.”

Dale Tomrdle

VP Finance & Operations, The GID Group

Just Keeps Getting Better
“This team just keeps getting better as they understand our needs and recovery needs.  We have been hacked a couple times and down time has been minimal since they upgraded our systems.  They are responsive, do a good job managing onboarding/offboarding of users and our Microsoft 365 licensing, have helped us prevent issues with frequent power outages.”

Lynn Reynolds

Office Manager, Colorado Total Maintenance

Exceptional Customer Service & Value
“Working with TeamLogic IT has been such a pleasure!  They make it easy for us to get the help we need when we need it.  TeamLogic IT is always responsive and attentive to our issues. Tremendous value vs hiring our own dedicated IT person.”


Malana LeBlanc

Director of Finance and Operations, Nielsen Products, LLC

Responsive and Innovative
“TeamLogic IT is more responsive and innovative with ideas on how to share our data between multiple locations using our own server in the cloud and leveraging SharePoint as well.  They have given us the ability to meet with the entire team across multiple locations and collaborate with them on new ways to manage data.  I would highly recommend TeamLogic IT as a local IT provider.”


Meri Sandlin

CEO & General Manager, Western Fuels Association

Local AND Responsive what a concept!
“TeamLogic IT and its employees’ response time is great, and they do everything they can to be helpful. I have been very happy with TeamLogic IT and will fully recommend them for anything IT.”

Liran Tziporary

Medical Director, BluePearl Specialty & Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Communication is key!

“TeamLogic IT’s technicians are responsive, and they listen to our issues, understand the way our process works, and then develop a way for the IT systems to accommodate those processes.  They are patient and do a good job of explaining the “why” behind an issue and how it was resolved. It’s great that they will also step in on issues with our software vendors to get to resolution faster.”

Sherry Gray

Executive Assistant, Western Fuels Association