A Huge Help and Stress Reliever!

TeamLogic IT is a great company to work with. They are quick to respond and extremely helpful. We are a small company with 14 workstations and Team Logic has been a huge help and stress reliever with all our IT problems.

Claudia Jesus

Manager, Shipping Supply Manufacturer, Fullerton, CA

Hire TeamLogic IT? 

I have been so impressed with the staff’s knowledge and their customer service orientation. Our projects are completed on time and done so efficiently. What more can I say!?

Gabriella Colleta

HR Manager, Mortgage Broker, Lake Forest, CA

Quick Response – even on Weekends!

The single biggest benefit to our firm has been the peace of mind knowing TeamLogic is always available.  They are prompt to answer phone calls and emails and quick to resolve all of our IT issues.  We have the necessity of contacting them on weekends or very early in the morning and someone always answers or gets back to us quickly.

We have a dedicated TeamLogic IT representative assigned to your company who meets with us at least monthly to go over any IT issues.  I find these monthly meetings very helpful it keeping up-to-date with our firm’s computing needs.  Our rep is very knowledgeable and helpful.  Even if it isn’t a specific IT issue we are having, he either can find the answer for me or point me in the right direction.

Rose Rangel

Office Manager, Law Firm, Santa Ana, CA

An Integral Part of Our Business. A perfect Fit

As a small business and a substantial dependence on technology, TeamLogic fit perfectly into the IT-sized hole in our staff for over 4 years. There was no task too simple or complex for TeamLogic. Their remote servicing capabilities were incredibly convenient, but they never hesitated to travel to our office to handle an issue in person. Our staff knew many of their technicians on a first-name basis, which didn’t surprise me considering what an integral part of our business they proved to be.

More recently, our company was acquired by a much larger firm, and TeamLogic created a custom contract to provide “gap” IT support while we were integrated into our parent company’s systems. And support us they did – TeamLogic worked tirelessly with the new parent company to make our systems transition as seamless as possible.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that losing TeamLogic as our IT support has been the only real downside of our merger with our new parent company. I wish there was some way for us to retain their services, but alas, we relinquish their time and resources to their other valued clients.

Dane Pisano

Manager, Law Firm, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Lower Cost & Higher Quality!

Our law offices made the transition over to Team Logic five years ago.  My only regret is that we didn’t make the move sooner. Not only did the cost drop dramatically but the service was and continues to be great. Our computer system is critical to our operations.  If we ever experience a hiccup, TeamLogic IT is right there to get it fixed. 

Who ever expected a pandemic?  However when it hit and I gave attorneys the option to work at home, Team Logic was right there to assist with any questions or issues that came up. I would highly recommend the Team Logic IT team to any business operator.

Thomas Borchard

Senior Partner, Law Firm, Mission Viejo, CA

Excellent Professional Service & Technical Support

We have been a client of Team Logic for about 3 years now, and I am very satisfied with their technical support as well as their recommendations and support in helping us make decisions to upgrade our computers and server when needed. I would highly recommend Team Logic to other law firms or business professionals. 

Recently, our firm needed to replace a phone system. Upon receiving a personal recommendation for an 8X8 VOIP system (and unaware that TeamLogic IT provides VOIP phone systems), I purchased a new phone system.  There was no paper manual to follow and we were advised that we were to do everything through their website.  They did not respond to my request to receive hands-on support, so I was left facing a complex set instructions which required responses by inserting data in their program. I decided to call Team Logic IT.  

TeamLogic IT promptly sent their technician Brandon to my office in Anaheim. Despite, this not being a TeamLogic IT system, Brandon very quickly familiarized himself with 8X8's program, and fixed certain wiring that was necessary to allow us to upgrade from relying only on the wi-fi to using ethernet cables to improve quality.  Brandon worked on and resolved all the important issues, and I experienced a great sense of relief as a result. Thanks to Brandon and Team Logic IT, I can now devote the majority of my time to my law practice again. 

Martin Taller

Managing Attorney, Law Firm, Anaheim, CA

Fast Replies & Excellent Follow-Up

I highly recommend TeamLogic IT.  They are always very helpful with any technical issues I have – a fast reply, excellent follow up and a quick solution. I feel very comfortable knowing I have their support.

Tatiana Sanchez

Logistics Manager, Food Supply Manufacturer, Cypress, CA

Great Client Service – Thorough & Friendly All The Time! 

Techs are always available and ready to help us when we have an urgent need or issue. I also greatly appreciate their prompt follow up regarding open tickets. It's really a breath of fresh air!

Abby Magdaleno

Director of Human Resources, Food Manufacturer, Santa Ana, CA

Unlimited & Responsive 24/7 Support

Since moving to TeamLogic IT, the greatest benefit has been the responsiveness of their unlimited 24/7 support. If one technician is busy, there is always another available to help and all of the technicians are a pleasure to work with!

Sherryl Hayes

Office Administrator, Financial Institution, Irvine, CA

My Only Regret is Not Hiring them Sooner

We have been using Team Logic IT for a couple of years now, and my only regret is not hiring them sooner. Their help desk is always available and able to solve any issues that come up. They helped us migrate our email system, and also assist us with any other computer needs or issues, including the purchase and seamless installation of new equipment. 

Darrell Ford

Owner, Construction Specialist, Orange, CA

TeamLogic IT Delivers Reliability!

COURTEOUS and PROFESSIONAL!!!  The staff members at TeamLogic are always very courteous, professional, and pleasant to work with – ALL of them! 
I would highly recommend TeamLogic IT’s services for all of these reasons and more! 

We have used TeamLogic IT as our technology support provider for over eight years. In that time, I can honestly say their reliability has been key. TeamLogic is always able to find a solution to whatever it is we are up against with our technology needs. They have a wide range of staff knowledgeable in all areas. They are a pretty well-rounded bunch and know how to get the job done – and I say that knowing we have had them ‘jump thru some hoops’ over the years. 

Bridget Miller

Director of Operations, Business Management Consultant, CA

Their Service is Impeccable!

We have been with TeamLogic IT for over two years and their service is impeccable. After growing out of our old IT company, TeamLogic stepped in and took us to a whole new level of service. Blayne helped us migrate and seamlessly worked out the bumps along the way. 

The beauty of TeamLogic is that they promise top notch service and deliver. They provide a priority system for tickets and when there is a high priority they make it their top priority. Needless to say, we are very pleased!!! 

Natasha Smiggs

Executive Assistant, Business Consulting Firm, Lake Forest, CA

My Highest Recommendations!

TeamLogic IT is truly an amazing organization. Lately I have really gotten to know the owner, Paul Behrman. While he is highly accomplished and smart (e.g., Stanford MBA), what really distinguishes Paul is his authenticity and the care that he puts into his work. TeamLogic IT has my highest recommendations!

Randy Katz

Co-Founder, Business Consultant, San Francisco, CA

Their Work is Flawless

Team Logic has helped my small company to set up and upgrade our network and provide service. Their work is flawless, fast and they are always available to assist when needed. I am also going to use them to set up an improved network for the community association where I am a member of the board. I highly recommend them. 

Dan Feinberg

Owner, Business Consultant, San Clemente, CA

TeamLogic IT gives us Peace of Mind

We have been with TeamLogic IT for over 2 years. They give us peace of mind that we are protected and can focus on our business instead of worrying about our technology. The switch from our old IT company should have come A LOT sooner than it did!

TeamLogic is professional, proactive, always there to answer any questions and does their best to resolve all issues in a timely manner no matter how big or small. Thank you TeamLogic IT!

Kimberly McNinch

Manager, Business Broker, Lake Forest, CA

Responsive & Prompt Service!

TeamLogic IT’s service is exceptionally responsive and prompt! When we have an issue, I can count on their IT support to remote into our computers and fix any problem on the spot.

Kok-Hwee Ng

Vice President of R&D, Biotechnology Manufacturer, San Clemente, CA

TeamLogic IT provides a proactive approach to IT.  

They identify issues that have a potential to cause problems down the road and work diligently to resolve them.  Often these solutions require many extra tech hours at no additional cost.  In those cases where the fixes require additional equipment, advanced planning and options are provided to allow us to budget ahead or choose an alternative solution.  Management interface is also reduced as employees deal directly with the techs to resolve day to day issues or answer questions as they arise. 

TeamLogic IT provides resources to answer questions and solve issues from the most basic to interfacing with hardware and software vendors and planning for the future.  The peace of mind enjoyed with the breadth of support and overall team knowledge makes financial sense. The monthly cost is less than hiring our own dedicated IT specialist with these same abilities, and TeamLogic IT collaborates internally to insure we are getting the best solution.

Georgann Camisasca

CFO, Automotive Accessories Manufacturer, Lake Forest, CA

TeamLogic IT Listens

Before TeamLogic IT, technology was a weak area for our company’s operations.  Now we have everything set up in a more systematic way.  We have a complete system – not just patchwork here and there.

TeamLogic IT listens to your needs and provides the best solutions for your specific situation. I am frequently surprised by the breadth of their expertise. When the pandemic hit, TeamLogic IT was certainly there for us.  Bill and the team had us all working remotely exceedingly fast. We can't imagine where we would be without TeamLogic IT.  

Yun Ou

CPA, Accounting Firm, Redlands, CA

Stellar Expertise and Responsiveness!

We have been a client of TeamLogic IT since 2008. We have relied on their expertise to manage our systems in our Orange County office as well as our offices in other states. We highly recommend them.

They are proactive in reaching out when equipment is nearing its end of life to allow us time to budget accordingly. I feel they don’t try to oversell us on things we don’t need but make sure we have what is necessary to align with any expansion we may see in the future.

Kathy Bonney

Director of Operations, Community Development Lender, Lake Forest, CA

Excellent Service in OC & other Cities Across the Country. 

TeamLogic IT gives us peace of mind, knowing that our data is secure and backed up and that we can quickly recover from malware/ransomware attacks.

Another great benefit of working with TeamLogic IT is that they have been able to grow with us and provide excellent service to not only in Orange County but also in other cities across the country.

Pete Belcher

CFO, Real Estate Development, Newport Beach, CA