We considered hiring an IT person instead of outsourcing, but I’m glad we made the decision to outsource. Our Denver office was in dire need for a wide spectrum of IT support and services. The Colorado Center's support team (24x7 help desk), cloud services, work from home, and cybersecurity practices have really helped us through these changing times. With TeamLogic IT DTC part of a nationwide network they can reach out to scale up/ down resources which is important for us in order to meet our aggressive growth plans.


Payroll Company, HR

TeamLogic IT in Denver in the Tech Center has been a lifesaver for us. We initially called them because of a cyber security breach. We didn't fully trust our current support team on what they were telling us. The team from Colorado Center was onsite quickly and resolved our security issue. The team went on to become our IT support for everything technology. Their sense of urgency, resolve, and strategic thinking for our firm has been a real eye opener.


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