The systems TeamLogic IT installed for us have definitely improved our operations and helped us deliver a superior customer experience that’s consistent with our brand. Since the installation, we haven’t had a single issue. Now, we wouldn’t be able to operate without it. We have already seen a great return on our IT investment…in fact, we see it every day.”
Manager, Restaurant & Brewery

As a non-profit, we must be strategic as we implement change to control costs and optimize impact. What I value most from TeamLogic IT is that, when I ask questions, they’re always thinking two steps ahead. We sit down and we have planning meetings and we develop true project management plans. Now, we have a highly available, highly accessible IT infrastructure as a foundation for growing our organization nationwide.
Director, Non-Profit Organization

I had used other IT companies before but was always very unhappy with their response time. On many occasions they were three to four hours late for our scheduled appointment and sometimes didn’t show up at all. With TeamLogic IT there are no more worries. They take care of problems right away with little downtime. It’s a pleasure doing business with such an efficient company.
CEO, Marketing Company

I was most impressed by their scalability. We were able to work with them to meet our backup needs at the beginning and were then able to scale up to more services as we needed them. TeamLogic IT was consistently reliable and easy to work with at every stage.
Office Manager, Manufacturing Company

I’d panic every time something went wrong with my computer system. Now, with TeamLogic IT I know it will get fixed quickly—they can usually fix things right over the phone. It really makes sense to have this kind of service. I don’t know how to fix a computer, but there are always little issues that can happen that cause downtime and it’s a great sense of security to have TeamLogic IT take care of it.
Owner, Coffee and Café Restaurant

We considered hiring an IT person instead of outsourcing, but I’m glad we made the decision to outsource. TeamLogic IT is more cost-effective. They offer a wider range of skill sets which we realized would be important for us in order to meet our aggressive growth plans.
General Manager, Payroll Company

Howard and the team at TeamLogic IT are great. What we like most about their company is the care and concern they bring to their customer service. You can feel they genuinely want to help you, and you are more than just "a customer." We would highly recommend.

Marketing Coordinator, Bodker, Ramsey, Andrews, Winograd and Wildstein

The TeamLogic folks have handled IT work for our firm, including a major project of replacing all computer hardware and updating our firm's network; they performed their work efficiently, reliably, professionally and at reasonable cost. They are very accessible, prompt and knowledgeable. These are exactly the attributes our firm sought in engaging IT professionals.

David Soloway

Partner, Frazier, Soloway and Kennedy

We have been so thrilled with the services provided by Howard & the team at TeamLogic IT in Midtown. They have helped us navigate complex HIPAA requirements and unique IT issues. I'm so relieved and grateful not to be the "IT person" at the office anymore! ~Dr. Sam

Dr. Samantha Brooks

Executive Director, Atlanta Birth Center

From my first conversation with Howard, it felt like I was talking to old friends. Because of our initial positive conversations I decided to leave our IT support of over 10 years to work with TeamLogic IT Midtown. It was one of the best decision I have made. The response time is fast and the results are amazing. I'm happy to call TeamLogicIT Midtown our IT Support partner.

Barry Hundley

Executive Director, Buckhead Business Association

For anyone with IT infrastructure, I would urge you to connect with Team Logic to keep your system running smoothly and they can even help streamline your overall tech operations!,

Katrina Duquemin

Managing Director, Odyssey Payments

As the owner of a small creative studio, the most important thing for me to do is take out the barriers for the team to boldly think outside the box and deliver the never-been-seen. While we're digitally savvy, I never realized how much out of our lane I was steering us by having us handle our IT needs internally. Thanks to Howard, Tyler and Michael over at Team Logic IT, the team isn't bogged down with the endless demands of our digital world – we just get to focus on making the impossible come to life whether that's photos, video, CGI or immersive media.

Pouya Dianat

Owner, Beam Immagination

Recently I decided that I am tired and fed up being my company’s CTO; the duties are beyond my technical capability. As a CEO, it no longer makes financial sense to devote my time to technology minutia – I have other activities and decisions demanding my attention. Speaking of time, having the CTO duties kept me from having free time for important things, like a dinner with my family, or worse occupied my thoughts outside of office hours. I need a CTO service, but there is no way I can afford one! Then I learned that I can outsource the CTO role and responsibilities. I recently became a Managed Services Client of TeamLogic IT Atlanta Midtown.  Now that the minutia is covered, next up are the more complicated and important projects that the TeamLogic IT team will help me, the CEO, think through, scope out and implement. I couldn’t be more pleased to have decided to give that CTO to TeamLogic IT Atlanta Midtown. And, cheers, with the beer I’m having on my deck with family and more responsibilities taken off my desk!- Nanette Duffey, Owner, Organized Instincts

Nanette Duffy

CEO, Organized Instincts