The “Hybrid Workforce” Is Here to Stay


hypbrid1-1.jpgPer a study covered by Human Resource Executive, the hybrid workforce – i.e., a mix of employees working remotely and from office locations – will become standard operating procedure for businesses as the U.S. economy works its way out of the pandemic. Moreover, the proportion of staff working from remote locations will continue to swell, with employees preferring to spend as much as a third of business hours away from headquarters or field offices.

Nearly half (47%) of workers surveyed reported they would be likely to quit their jobs if a hybrid work environment is not offered as an option post-COVID. In fact, 41% responded that they would accept slightly lower compensation for a position with another company that allowed hybrid working. Researchers also discovered the workers polled believe 3.3 days working in the office – not remotely – each week would be the optimal balance for workplace safety and productivity.

Why are workers motivated to move despite lower earnings? Because, according to the survey’s results, staffers anticipate benefits from hybrid working beyond reduced health risks, such as saving time and money from less commuting.

If business leaders fail to recognize and accommodate these new preferences among the workforce generated by the pandemic-driven shift to remote work, “they may risk losing their best employees,” said Larry Gadea, CEO of the technology firm that commissioned the research.

So, as we move into the second half of 2021, let us know if you need help with technology to enable remote work and retain your company’s best talent.