Leadership Skills for Transformative IT


GettyImages-1226991733.jpg“This (COVID-19) crisis has thrust IT teams – often the ‘unsung heroes’ of a business – into the limelight like never before,” Citrix Systems CIO Meerah Rajavel told The Wall Street Journal earlier this year.

Truth, indeed. The last year coping with the economic impact of a global pandemic leaves no doubt transforming digital operations is critical to success for any business. And, regardless of title or department, as a leader in your organization you share responsibility for building your company’s post-pandemic future through the smart use of technology.

So, how can you make the most of the continuing “limelight?” We have three recommendations:
  1. Embrace Change: Make leading transformational IT a priority. As CIO Magazine columnist John Edwards says, “Becoming a respected and prized leader isn't easy, but it's a goal within reach of just about anyone who's willing to commit to the task.”
  2. Enable Change: “Leaders quickly recognize and act on emerging business and technology trends…when an obstacle appears, they have the decisiveness and speed to quickly shift gears and modify their approach,” says Edwards.
  3. Empower Relationships: Per Edwards, transformative leaders don’t focus “only on helping teams achieve their planned goals; they also work hard to help team members reach their full potential.” That’s how we strive to support you at TeamLogic IT.
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