Hybrid Workplaces Should Work for All


GettyImages-1215419769.jpgEven as the pandemic wanes, companies of all kinds still face maintaining hybrid working environments that best fit their businesses. Plus, managing the procurement, implementation and maintenance of business technology that facilitates that workplace.

As CIO Magazine columnist Paul Heltzel frames this challenge: “There was no roadmap for taking much of the American workforce remote overnight, and none exists for a large-scale, staggered return to the hybrid environment of in-person and remote work that most organizations now must provide."

But, regardless of title or department, as a leader in your organization, your job isn’t as much mapping this landscape as setting the direction your business takes across it. So, when contemplating the smart use of technology in your hybrid workplace, we suggest prioritizing in this unconventional fashion:
  1. Employees First: Adjust the adage “The Customer Comes First” for today’s business. A high quality “Customer Experience” is what should come first. That means your staff must have the digital commerce, communication and collaboration tools to deliver that experience.
  2. Partners Second: Yes, put your suppliers, vendors and other service and/or product providers ahead of customers, too. They enable employees to deliver a high-quality digital experience.
  3. Customers Last (but not Least): Don’t think of this advice as de-prioritizing. Consider it reverse-engineering for success.
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