There are a few chances in life to meet people who you know have a passion to make a difference in this world and the experience to back it up. Beth is one of those great people I have gotten to know over this last year.

She is a seasoned executive who has a desire to deliver the best IT services to her clients. She is focused and determined to help her clients manage their IT solutions effectively.

I highly recommend meeting with Beth and learning more about how she can serve you best. I guarantee it will be worth your while!

Rich LeBrun

Executive Consultant, Franchise Consulting Company

I have known Beth McCarty in business at TeamLogic IT as a referral partner. Beth is professional in every way. Her business savvy has made her an outstanding team leader for our vetted referral networking organization. She took on co-leader of our weekly Founders' meeting in Clearwater after less than 6 months in the network. Beth is 100% dedicated to her business and her clients. Every professional that I know who has worked with Beth is very satisfied.

Mark O'Donnell

President, RGA Network

I’ve had the opportunity to connect with Beth both while she was at Darden and at Home Shopping Network. She is so intelligent, with great vision and passion around what she does. She led her team well in setting strategy, working through projects, and aligning with my team to ensure we were all set up for success. I’ve gotten to know Beth well over the years, and really admire her integrity, her hard work, and her focus on her work. I loved working with Beth.

Jen Tolbert

Senior Executive, Technology Company

I had the good fortune of working with Beth McCarty twice in my career and would love the opportunity to work with her again at any point. Beth is a creative, solutions oriented professional with an incredibly diverse background. She’s an avid learner and doesn’t shy away from any challenges placed in front of her. During our time working together, I learned that Beth’s approach to creating solutions that start with the end in mind, allowed us to roll out new technology, processes and training that immediately added value to the organization. What I’ve come to appreciate about Beth is that she delivers on her commitments, takes personal accountability, and strives to deliver excellent results. She’s a very capable individual who is also able to get the best out of others through her coaching and teaching. I’ve personally learned a tremendous amount from Beth and her generosity to teach and mentor has meant the world to me. I’m incredibly proud to call Beth my colleague and now my friend.

Maria Martinez

Chief People Officer, Healthcare Company

The systems TeamLogic IT installed for us have definitely improved our operations and helped us deliver a superior customer experience that’s consistent with our brand. Since the installation, we haven’t had a single issue. Now, we wouldn’t be able to operate without it. We have already seen a great return on our IT investment…in fact, we see it every day.”

Manager, Restaurant & Brewery

As a non-profit, we must be strategic as we implement change to control costs and optimize impact. What I value most from TeamLogic IT is that, when I ask questions, they’re always thinking two steps ahead. We sit down and we have planning meetings and we develop true project management plans. Now, we have a highly available, highly accessible IT infrastructure as a foundation for growing our organization nationwide.

Director, Non-Profit Organization

I had used other IT companies before but was always very unhappy with their response time. On many occasions they were three to four hours late for our scheduled appointment and sometimes didn’t show up at all. With TeamLogic IT there are no more worries. They take care of problems right away with little downtime. It’s a pleasure doing business with such an efficient company.

CEO, Marketing Company

I was most impressed by their scalability. We were able to work with them to meet our backup needs at the beginning and were then able to scale up to more services as we needed them. TeamLogic IT was consistently reliable and easy to work with at every stage.

Office Manager, Manufacturing Company

I’d panic every time something went wrong with my computer system. Now, with TeamLogic IT I know it will get fixed quickly—they can usually fix things right over the phone. It really makes sense to have this kind of service. I don’t know how to fix a computer, but there are always little issues that can happen that cause downtime and it’s a great sense of security to have TeamLogic IT take care of it.

Owner, Coffee and Café Restaurant

We considered hiring an IT person instead of outsourcing, but I’m glad we made the decision to outsource. TeamLogic IT is more cost-effective. They offer a wider range of skill sets which we realized would be important for us in order to meet our aggressive growth plans.

General Manager, Payroll Company