When Viruses Attack, So Does TeamLogic IT


When Viruses Attack, So Does TeamLogic IT


When our customer, the principal of a local mortgage company, began using an independent tech person to handle his company’s IT needs, it didn’t take long for things to go sour and him to regret his decision. Within 90 days, his system incurred a host of problems including a virus attack, and response time from his independent tech person was spotty, at best.


When TeamLogic IT was called upon to help, we immediately irradiated the virus that had taken over this company’s network. The virus caused some workstations to become bots that were turning into spam bots during the evening hours. TeamLogic IT discovered and irradiated the spam bots by monitoring network traffic during the evening hours using SystemWatch, a managed services program that monitors data remotely.

Once TeamLogic IT was able to stop the spam bleeding, we had to remove the client’s name from spam blacklists and work with their customer to allow their domain into the exchange servers. This was done as part of TeamLogic IT’s affordable monthly managed services program. TeamLogic IT’s help desk services have kept things running smoothly. When new loan brokers are hired, TeamLogic IT quickly sets up their user accounts, email and remote access so that they can get started and be productive on their first day.


Since using the services of TeamLogic IT, this mortgage company has a virus-free system that has been running smoothly for longer than it did under the eyes of their previous independent tech guy. When the customer rebooted his server without telling us, we immediately phoned him asking why the server was down and he couldn’t believe how quickly TeamLogic IT responded. It’s clear that this business owner has come to realize that TeamLogic IT’s managed services are designed to fix computer disasters before they happen