Unclogging A Paperwork Bottleneck


Bids, permits, invoices, expense reports, posted checks and other documents were organized, filed, searched for and re-filed throughout the day, taking up most of his manager’s daily activities. 

“After seeing how paperwork was such a big part of her job and the nature of my business, I was determined to find a solution to help us eliminate it. In my business we need to keep files for legal reasons; permits, insurance, fuel and maintenance receipts, etc., but managing the paperwork was taking up too much time.”

Although this business owner had a current IT person he relied on for help when needed, he knew this person wasn’t growing along with him and his company. “He said ‘No’ a lot and I got the feeling he just didn’t know how to take us to the next level.” 

That’s when TeamLogic IT stepped in to help. 

Initially, we helped this company with some virus issues, software installation, procurement of new computers and a backup system both for the business and for the owner’s second home as part of a business continuity plan. Now we monitor all their technology remotely as part of our managed IT services offering.

The plumbing company owner was curious about document scanning and how it might work for his business. He didn’t want to invest too much time, money and energy into it, but he wanted to implement something. TeamLogic IT helped him acquire a desktop single sheet scanner that’s known for being very easy to learn and use. And, once this company became accustomed to the scanning process, it would be easy to upgrade to a more advanced system. 

The scanner software file structure was designed to align with the company’s general ledger accounts. This automatic indexing process provided an efficient gateway into the electronic files so that anyone needing to find a document could easily locate it. 

Adding document scanning to this company’s technology infrastructure drastically changed the way they do business, leading to improvements in productivity that will have a direct effect on its growth. Office staff members now spend less time looking for needed documents such as permits and approvals and, when the owner is at his second home, he can quickly find something that his team may need back at the office. Additionally, the office manager can now focus more of her time on activities for growing the business, not buried deep in the paperwork of the business. 

“On a scale of 1 to 10, TeamLogic IT is 120! They respond quickly and, being in the service industry myself, I appreciate that. We also have all the cell numbers of their technical staff and we text each other at any time day or night. They really do walk the talk.”