Three Times a Charm When TeamLogic IT Comes to the Rescue


An architectural design consulting company had been using an independent IT service provider but were unhappy with his service and decided to search for another that could help them simplify their IT across their two west coast and east coast offices. They interviewed TeamLogic IT and two other companies and selected their new provider mostly based on price. After just a few months, they experienced a server crisis due to water damage at their east coast office. Both offices were down for a full day and the company they hired—now their second IT provider—did not handle the situation well.

The company's office manager said, "The Company we had just hired handled it all wrong. They didn't treat it as the emergency it was for us, and were unable to help us with a work-around solution. I immediately started looking for another company and went back to the others I had initially interviewed, and ultimately selected TeamLogic IT. They came in the next day and were awesome to work with."

Coast to Coast Support Saved the Day 

Because TeamLogic IT is a national organization one of our west coast offices was able to connect with an east coast office nearest to the client to jointly assist them with immediate onsite help. This included urgent triage support, recovery of critical business data from a damaged server and setting up a replacement new server. Now this design consulting company is on a managed IT services contract that will help to ensure they don't have anymore crisis situations.

Our client said, "TeamLogic IT has already done more for us than any of the other companies we used in the past. I have quickly come to realize the cost benefit of using TeamLogic IT and their managed IT service approach. I like that their east coast team was the same company communicating throughout the server project. Many IT companies don't always work well together, but tend to get competitive with each other. Having both of our offices handled by the same company, TeamLogic IT, helped keep everything coordinated, which made my job easier. 

"It was clear the other company reduced their price just to get our business and never followed through on anything they did for us. TeamLogic IT under promised and over delivered by setting realistic expectations for us. I really appreciated that they took the time to explain exactly what they did and why, so I can clearly understand what I'm paying for. They know what they are doing and were rock stars who handled our crisis with poise."