Spa Franchise Profits From An IT Overhaul From TeamLogic IT


Spa Franchise Profits From An IT Overhaul From TeamLogic IT


Like many businesses today, the management team at a new spa franchise struggled with their IT systems. During the company’s start -up phase, they inherited several old computers as part of a sub–lease agreement on their new office space. What seemed like a bargain for this brand new company turned out to be a major headache. With old equipment patched together by nothing more than a part-time computer handyman, they were having connectivity issues and problems with data access, file sharing and backup, along with virus and security concerns. Management knew they needed a more advanced system offering better collaboration of employees, protection of business critical information, and more control and security. The company’s major issues included:

  • A hosted email system with storage limitations that caused their key employees to purge and archive their mailboxes on a regular basis to avoid exceeding the storage limitations of their service provider.
  • Lack of centralized file sharing and document control.
  • Inability for their remote employees to access and share files with the corporate office.
  • A number of website issues that were causing security concerns.  


After performing a detailed assessment and confirming that the company had an inadequate system for their needs, we initiated a major overhaul of the company’s computer network system.

A Microsoft Windows 2003 Small Business Server was installed as well as a Windows 2003Terminal Server with remote desktop and Workplace capabilities. A secure Corporate VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection was established along with a Corporate SharePoint site. A secure data backup plan was also established. Outlook Exchange Server, an important component of Windows 2003 SBS, was set up and configured to host their e-mail system in-house. Senior management could now breathe easier knowing their business critical information was now organized and protected and, their workforce was better equipped to serve their customer needs.

Internal and remote users can now easily collaborate and share documents, printers and other important system resources. Appropriate e-mail retention and virtually unlimited storage could now be implemented to facilitate proper reporting and data retention compliance. Also, as a result of centralized file sharing, the number of e-mail attachments was greatly reduced and substantially reduced the individual mailbox folder size.


With the solutions provided by TeamLogic IT, this company was able to see immediate results in their productivity. They also gained the comfort of knowing that their systems were no longer as vulnerable to viruses and security threats.