Retail Company Pleased with Seamless Transition to Server


Retail Company Pleased with Seamless Transition to Server


Like most retail companies, our toy store client relied on a central server hub through which their entire business flowed—inventory, purchasing, credit card processing and emails. When they started having difficulties with their four-year old server, they initially considered a repair option, as they had the following concerns with migrating to a new server:

  • Would they be able to ensure their custom, third party software would run successfully and that no data would be lost in the move?
  • Would they lose contact with customers during the changeover?
  • How much downtime would they need to experience during the changeover?
  • The potential costs of a new server were of great concern


TeamLogic IT’s recommendation included a cost-effective plan for replacing the stores existing hardware while utilizing several of the company’s current licensing investments. This helped keep costs down.

As stated by the store’s director of marketing, “When TeamLogic IT approached us with a server purchase option, we weren’t expecting it to be so reasonably affordable. They went out of their way to find the right solution for us. I could tell they were looking out for our best interests.” TeamLogic IT’s owner explained, “A rebuild-from-scratch approach clearly concerned them due to the level of customization in their environment. They knew, however, that they couldn’t simply patch and repair forever. They needed a different approach.”

TeamLogic IT used their state-of-the art SystemWatch Backup Recovery service to clone the stores four-year old HP server onto a new Dell server. Their strategic partnerships and nationwide buying power with numerous computer system providers enabled them to provide the best hardware option for the stores needs. Prior to onsite installation, TeamLogic IT set up a test area in their own offices, which ensured that data would be intact and software would run successfully. Proper preparation allowed for a quick and seamless install. Neither employees nor customers of the store were aware of any downtime.


According to the store’s director of marketing, “The installation couldn’t have been better. TeamLogic IT took us though the process step-by-step and did everything possible to ensure things went well. We could not have asked for a better solution and execution than what TeamLogic IT provided.”