Productivity Improves With Proactive IT Management


Productivity Improves With Proactive IT Management


A worldwide supplier and technological leader of automotive products known in their industry for quality and cost-effective solutions relies on their computer system to keep them at the top of their game. After investing in development of a new system to meet their growing needs, they no longer needed a full-time staff person to maintain it and the company’s executive vice president who helped develop the system became the go-to person for troubleshooting, which was not the best use of his time. He realized he needed another solution.


We helped this company with Managed IT Services, our proactive IT management and support approach to ensuring the highest levels of availability and security 24/7.TeamLogic IT is now remotely

monitoring about 30 computers critical to the company’s production processes. This allows us to fix many issues that may arise without having to visit the company, disrupting their production. Since virus updates and backups are done remotely, the company no longer experiences what used to be a three- to four-hour downtime period

In addition to outsourcing the management of their IT systems to us, the company needed

to evaluate some software they felt was the right product for their needs, but weren’t sure how to do a proper evaluation. They weren’t technical enough to efficiently evaluate the pros and cons of what the software vendor had to offer. We were able to do this for them and help them make the right decision.


With TeamLogic IT, the executive vice president is no longer tasked with worrying about and sometimes troubleshooting the company’s computer systems. With downtime virtually eliminated, everyone involved in the production process is now more productive. Our strategic guidance and ability to advise on software recommendations helped the company avoid what could have been a very costly purchasing mistake.