Keeping Up with Growth Requires The Right Technology


Keeping Up with Growth Requires The Right Technology

The vice president knew right away that he needed document management software to handle the company’s many projects, organize invoicing and stay compliant.

He soon discovered that he also needed a new server to support his new software. What he didn’t realize, however, is how hard it would be to find an IT company that could help him make this investment wisely. Fortunately, he learned about his local TeamLogic IT franchise.

From “Just a Server” to Full Service

When the vice president originally hired TeamLogic IT, he thought he was getting a vendor who could help him overcome the hurdles involved with upgrading his server. What he got was a trusted partner that understood the unique technology needs of a small business and could help his company scale for successful growth. 

“Other IT companies I interviewed also represented banks and bigger companies whose needs were much different than ours,” he said. “They wanted to sell me a one-size-fits-all approach that would require a capital investment of $10,000 or more. TeamLogic IT, on the other hand, was realistic about my budget and the goals of our company. They listened and understood what we really needed.” 

The local TeamLogic IT office tailored their IT approach to the specific needs of this construction company. They did the work necessary to make sure they secured the right server to handle the company’s chosen document management solution. TeamLogic IT started by calling the document management company to find out specifically what type of server was required to handle their software application. They then provided the construction company with the best server for their needs at the most affordable cost. 

Once TeamLogic IT had built trust with the construction company through what the vice president calls their “fair and honest” approach to IT, the conversation turned to the other ways TeamLogic IT could help them protect and grow their business.

Constructing an IT Plan for Growth

Once the client had a new server in place, the local owner of TeamLogic IT asked the vice president how much downtime his company could afford in the event of a system failure. This conversation led to a backup solution that could have them up and running within an hour of a failure. TeamLogic IT now monitors all of the company’s office computers around the clock under its managed IT services offering. VPN access was set up so the vice president could work remotely—something that has helped him maintain efficiency in an industry that requires a lot of time away from the office. Plans for moving forward include setting up a QuickBooks  environment and updating the company’s phone systems. 

According to the owner of the local TeamLogic IT, everything they do for this client is with an eye on growth: “We want to make sure they are always ready to grow and aren’t just reacting to growth. We see our job as handling the tech side of their company so they can focus on the business side.” 

TeamLogic IT develops client relationships that are based on collaboration and communication. 

“We bounce ideas off each other, then work together to find the best solution that fits their needs. We always try to advise them on what we think is in their best interest and give them a timeline of when we think they should move on it. But we never want them to feel pressured to make a purchase they aren’t comfortable with.” 

TeamLogic IT’s client agrees that the relationship is one that will continue for the long haul: “TeamLogic IT does business the way we do business. They don’t talk over our head and don’t try to sell us bells and whistles we don’t need. They know what it’s like out there for a small business and have helped us make the technology decisions that are best for us.”understood the unique technology needs of a small business and could help his company scale for successful growth.