Finally Finding an IT Provider They Can Count On


After a decade spent transitioning from one disappointing IT provider to the next, the owner of a payroll and bookkeeping firm finally called TeamLogic IT with a laundry list of technology upgrades to increase their productivity and efficiency, and to enhance their ability to provide their customers with a higher level of customer service and the utmost security for their private financial information. 

Their issues ranged from surface matters like slow-moving computers and printers, to deeper concerns, such as upgrading outdated local servers that were not as efficient as needed and to enhance their existing backup solution. They were a growing business without the support of a qualified and dependable technology and computer services resource. 

A Long-Term Relationship Starts with Trust

TeamLogic IT was able to quickly eliminate the obvious pains that were affecting the firm's daily effectiveness and lay out a sustainable, long-term strategy needed to continue to protect their sensitive accounting data and keep them able to operate at a fast pace. We knew their past experiences with IT companies that failed to deliver, and we needed to earn their trust before they would allow us to make any major changes.

Our client stated, "The TeamLogic IT team evaluated various processes, talked with software companies we use for our accounting and figured out our necessary parameters. They educated themselves on our business and they patiently walked us through all of our options."

TeamLogic IT immediately implemented much-needed on and off-site backup improvements. After considering the cloud, the client decided to replace their on-premise server with a new device capable of supporting their client's and internal needs. We designed one that met their current and future needs.

"In addition to a strong backup system and a new server to better protect our business, TeamLogic IT provided us with some additional tools to help the business run more efficiently, including dual-monitor workstations, a new printer set-up, voice-over-internet capability and VPN access.

"We had been slow to make technology changes in the past because we had trouble finding somebody we could trust, but TeamLogic IT is so responsive and has a knowledge base to find an answer to anything. They were the first people we felt confident in.'

Happy Together and Faster than Ever

Our client's speedier, more efficient set-up is an investment that continues to pay off in time-savings. "Reports that used to take 30 minutes now only take two to three minutes and, this year, our W2s got out weeks faster than ever before. We got our time back."

Customer service also improved when their clients received quicker responses on requests due to the increased efficiencies. Additionally, their staff is now taking on new projects they hadn’t previously had time for.