Customer Experience Upgrades


Customer Experience Upgrades

When the co-founder of a brewery and restaurant set out to transform a former NASA support facility into an out-of-this-world experience for thirsty, young, tech-savvy patrons, he encountered a bigger challenge than anticipated. The 60s-era structure, with its stately brick exterior, soaring ceilings and trendy minimalist décor, created a great space. Unfortunately, the thick concrete reinforcements in the ceiling and walls, coupled with metal roof tiles and a rambling 30,000-foot floor plan, played havoc with their feeble wi-fi network signal. 

“The router was the original standard model that came with our internet service, so it did not have the bandwidth to support our guest network and all the other things we use the network for, like our phone system and other operational assets,” said the owner.

TeamLogic IT Tapped to Address Multiple Needs

The brewery’s network upgrade needs were threefold: give all its patrons secure, open, reliable internet access; help patrons enjoy their brand experience and share it on social media; and prevent operational disruptions to business-critical systems. To help him meet these three goals, he selected TeamLogic IT.

“It was our first time working with an IT managed services provider, so we interviewed several companies. We chose TeamLogic IT for a few reasons, including the manner in which they followed up, came out for visits, and asked all the right, very detailed questions. These factors – plus knowing they were local and would be just a phone call away – made choosing TeamLogic IT an easy decision.”

Solution 1. Stable Wireless Access

The goal of the network upgrade was to provide a rock-solid wireless solution, both for public and internal usage, which allowed for easy expansion and growth. We concluded that cloud-managed access points would provide stable wireless access, both for internal and guest access. The access points were intentionally mounted in a non-distracting manner that complemented the brewery’s unique décor.

Solution 2. Support for Social Media

To support the brewery’s branding and social media strategies, TeamLogic IT implemented a Facebook login for the guest network that lets patrons post a check-in via their Facebook account and follow the brewery’s own Facebook page. We also provided a cloud-based dashboard to monitor analytics such as length of stay, number of daily users, and new vs. returning devices. The dashboard also provides controls for basic content filtering and bandwidth restrictions. The brewery owner, his managers, and their social media and PR teams have their own logins and on-demand access to the system analytics. Cloud management also allows for easy centralized management and monitoring by the local TeamLogic IT office.

Solution 3. New Audio-Visual Installation

In addition to the main taproom and dining spaces, the brewery has an area for private events. When not reserved, it is used to show high-profile TV broadcasts, such as political debates and sporting events, including the Super Bowl, and for hosting popular movie nights. To give customers a first-class audio-visual experience during all of these activities, TeamLogic IT designed and installed a new A/V system. “We worked closely with the co-owner to ensure the A/V design aligned with his vision for the space. He wanted the system to be seamless and simple for the staff to operate, and he asked that components blend into the décor and become invisible when not in use.”

For employee convenience and ease of use, all projector and A/V controls were conveniently installed behind the bar, along with the lighting controls. The design also allows private-event goers to easily connect their own media to video and/or audio inputs, allowing them to play and enjoy personalized content, such as music, movies and photos.

The Result

In the words of our client, “The [Wi-Fi and AV] systems from TeamLogic IT have definitely improved our operations…and helped us deliver a superior customer experience that’s consistent with our brand. The AV system is very intuitive and easy to use…since the installation, we haven’t had a single issue…now, we wouldn’t be able to operate without it. We have already seen a great return on our IT investment…in fact, we see it every day.”