Collaborative Communication Solved This Relocation Project


Collaborative Communication Solved This Relocation Project


The North American sales and distribution office of a European sports equipment manufacturer, located in the Midwest, had been outsourcing some of its IT needs to TeamLogic IT for several years. The bulk of the company’s IT troubleshooting was handled by its general manager, with direction coming from the European-based corporate IT department.

Although he was tech-savvy, the general manager was challenged when he learned that aggressive expansion plans called for moving their marketing and sales department to a new headquarters in New England. Recognizing the complexity of networking and syncing distant field offices, he asked us for advice on how he could make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible.


We immediately put the general manager at ease by telling him we could partner with a TeamLogic IT franchise near the new location to coordinate a smooth transition. Since we were familiar with the systems and infrastructure of the Midwestern office, we could work closely with our east coast location to replicate their work environment.

We immediately contacted our east coast location, and put together a strategy that had to take into account a tight timeline, multiple locations and multiple vendors, not to mention time zone and language considerations working with the European office. Constant communication was the key to getting the project done.

Our team in the Midwest ordered the hardware for both locations, which was then shipped to, received and installed by our respective Midwest and east coast teams. The European IT team then visited each office to configure the hardware to their specifications. Throughout the process, both TeamLogic IT locations were committed to following the lead of the company’s European IT team—they didn’t need “technical” heros as much as they needed “technical facilitation” heros. We recognized that and delivered on it.


TeamLogic IT leveraged its nationwide network to enable a smooth transition on a project that had the potential to place tremendous stress on the project managers, their time and their budgets. By carefully strategizing a coordinated effort, ensuring consistency of infrastructure and keeping the lines of communication open at all times, we were able to maximize efficiency, keep costs in line and complete the project ahead of schedule. At completion, the general manager thanked us for the “flawless coordination,” and for “knocking it out of the park” for his company.