Sharpen Your IT Infrastructure’s “Edge”


Sharpen Your IT Infrastructure’s “Edge”
The future of work is a hybrid model – where employees operate remotely a few days a week – as researchers predict more than a third of post-pandemic workers will opt to stay at home to some degree.
Indeed, the Wall Street Journal reports companies plan to support this movement by spending more than $240 billion on “edge computing” through 2024, per forecasts by International Data Corp.
In simple terms, edge computing involves building and sustaining an IT infrastructure that delivers digital resources such as data, applications and processing power closer to where work is being done.
For a manufacturing operation, that could be a factory floor. For a retail enterprise, that could be a chain of stores. And, of course, for the expanding hybrid workforce spanning the spectrum of businesses, that means an array of edge locations such as home offices.
Edge computing demands high performance from several aspects of IT, made more challenging by the rapid rise of remote work:
  1. Communication & Collaboration – Network operations must sustain greater connectivity for more users than ever before, enabling access anytime from anywhere on any device.
  2. Cybersecurity – Studies by Cisco show cybersecurity threats have risen by at least 25% since the onset of COVID-19 ushered in a new era of widespread remote work.
  3. Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery – Emphasis now must shift from focusing on recovering from individual catastrophes to weathering extended crises like COVID.
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