Why Workers Spurn Your Security Policies


Cybersecurity and ComplianceExperts say that, in most cases, employees violate cybersecurity rules to complete the tasks they’ve been assigned. If they encounter some friction in their workflow or difficulty accessing needed resources, they’ll simply devise a workaround to help them do their jobs. Of course, there are also less laudable reasons why people flout your rules, among them:

1) Their own convenience. If an internal process or requirement is too onerous, people will just circumvent it, and use the difficulty to justify their violation.

2) Being helpful. Posing as an aggrieved partner with an urgent financial issue, business email compromise (BEC) fraudsters exploit peoples’ natural tendency to assist others, then proceed to trick them out of money or information.

3) Ignorance. Employees’ propensity to insecurely manage sensitive information, download risky apps or click on phishing emails correlates directly with a lack of security awareness and training. Call us today if you need help in this area.