What’s Happening in Unified Communications?


CommunicationsThe short answer: a lot. As businesses clamor for productivity improvements, the demand for Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) tools is on the upswing. Sales of UCC solutions will top $142 billion by 2024. Not surprisingly, the cloud figures prominently in emerging UC trends.

For example, a 2019 Nemertes study cited by TechTarget.com reports that 67 percent of organizations have at least a portion of their UCC apps running in the cloud, while nearly one-third are running all-cloud installations. Larger companies prefer hosted, custom-built services, while smaller ones like the flexibility and cost advantages of UC as-a-service. All companies may soon deepen ties to ‘multi-tenant’ cloud architecture, a strategy which lets them share (but not comingle) computing resources in a public or private cloud. Vendors will further improve supportive integrations and APIs, and 14 percent more companies will support streaming video this year than last.

One negative trend: security. Only about a third of respondents currently have a proactive UCC security strategy, which experts say should ideally combine precautions such as audits, encryption, patching and penetration testing.