Top 3 Trends Affecting Your BDR Strategy


BDR Industry WatchersSystem outages and how companies prepare for them are undergoing significant changes. Here are some industry-watchers’ predictions for backup-and-disaster-recovery (BDR).

1) More non-public cloud DR. Companies seeking to leverage financial and operational benefits have (rightly) embraced cloud-based solutions. Many, however, have miscalculated the total fees and costs of public-cloud DR. This will lead to more businesses scaling back public-cloud BDR and shifting instead to hybrid and private solutions.

2) More AI. Analysts at say that, “in the coming year, organizations can expect data protection solutions to go beyond real-time insight and incorporate AI capabilities that can predict and avert unplanned downtime from physical disasters before they happen.”

3) Less available talent. As cloud complexities increase, there will be fewer workers who are skilled at monitoring, managing and recovering data in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

In response, business leaders intent on adopting DR and other cloud-based solutions must either step-up their talent search or enlist assistance from cloud backup-and-disaster-recovery experts like TeamLogic IT.