Time to Add Biometric Authentication?


Bio AuthenticationAccording to a recent poll, nearly 90% of businesses will deploy biometric authentication solutions by next year, with 62% already using some form of biometrics. The term refers to using an individual’s unique physical attributes (face, voice, fingerprint, eye) to confirm identity and grant access to data networks or physical spaces. While we’re not sure the adoption rate is that high just yet, we do field a lot of questions from security-conscious business leaders who are exploring biometrics. On the plus side, there are no long complex passwords (for staff or administrators) to manage. Plus, users find a body-part scan fast, easy and convenient. Minuses can include the high cost of bio-readers and potential privacy concerns. Like any data shared over a network, biometric credentials can also be vulnerable to theft, so, should biometrics be part of your cybersecurity strategy?