Survey Highlights Top IT Challenges


Top IT ChallengesIf you’re like other business leaders, the current state of your critical IT infrastructure directly influences ongoing budgetary decisions. Systems that perform adequately stay. Those that don’t, receive upgrades. Or a pink slip. Data storage is a perfect example. Unless reasons to do so are clearly justifiable, you probably won’t invest in the latest whiz-bang technology. Leaders’ top challenges came to light in a survey of nearly 400 small-, medium- and large-size companies. If any of these resonate, contact TeamLogic IT to discuss your data storage roadmap.

1) Aging equipment. Eighteen percent of respondents identified old gear as the number one issue with their current storage configuration. One factor could be companies’ tendency to keep certain equipment until it reaches some specified end-of-life stage, despite new systems’ obvious cost and/or performance advantages.

2) Lack of capacity. The non-linear volume of data coming from social media, business apps, the IoT, and other sources can strain storage systems and confound your planning discussions. Nearly 18 percent of leaders cited inadequate capacity as their main storage challenge.

3) High operational costs. In terms of power, cooling and space requirements, older systems cost more to run than sleek, new energy-efficient models; this is why 14 percent of respondents picked operational costs as their top storage infrastructure headache. Surprisingly, just 13 percent named security and compliance as their biggest storage pain point, perhaps owing to some level of confidence derived from (real or perceived) cloud-provider protections.