State of Cloud Computing 2019


Cloud Computing 2019Smaller companies considering near-term cloud deployments might benefit from knowing how and where large enterprises are spending precious cloud dollars, and whether there are specific trends and challenges they need to know before pulling the trigger. Such insight and information can be found in RightScale’s 2019 State-of-the Cloud Survey. Researchers polled nearly 800 IT pros–actual cloud-product buyers and users–about their adoption of infrastructure and related technologies. Below is a summary of key findings that may help inform your next cloud-strategy discussions.

Platform Adoption: Nearly all organizations polled are running workloads in the cloud, with multi-cloud being the most-preferred approach. Enterprises employing a hybrid strategy (a blend of public and private clouds) rose to 58% from 51% one year prior. On average, companies are experimenting with nearly five public and private clouds.

Public Cloud. Increasingly, enterprises’ top focus is public cloud, spending up to three times more on it than on private cloud solutions.

Priorities. For three years running, managing and optimizing cloud costs was the top priority, cited by 64% of 2019 respondents.  Other top initiatives include moving more workloads to the cloud (58%) and adopting a cloud-first strategy (39%). 

Challenges. Governance and cost control were named as this year’s top cloud challenges, followed by the complexity and expense of licensing software inside a cloud environment.

Bottom line: Cloud computing is here to stay, and has the potential to totally transform your business in several crucial areas. However, you shouldn’t undertake the move alone.  Wherever you are in cloud adoption, contact TeamLogic IT today.