Shore Up IT with Better Hiring Habits


Skills AssessmentIt’s no secret that qualified technical talent is in high demand. On any given day there are thousands more open positions than people to fill them. One reason critical IT roles go unfilled, is a clunky hiring process built around inefficient or onerous procedures. These tips, condensed from IT hiring pros interviewed at, can help you refine key elements of your hiring process and avoid the pain and disappointment of hiring poorly in the New Year.

DO: Reduce reliance on standardized tests. Many companies use them to assess a candidate's technical skills. This can be problematic. First, since they are such a hot commodity, many skilled IT pros balk (OK, laugh) at the idea of completing hiring tests or skills assessments. They may just skip your company in favor of one with no testing requirement.

DON’T: Create unrealistic, over-the-top job descriptions. Keep requisite experience, certifications and skills relevant and applicable to the opening, and make sure to distinguish between ‘must-have’ and ‘nice-to-have’ items.

DO: Consider performance potential. “Weigh applicants’ upside rather than their work experience,” advises one IT hiring pro, “Especially if you’re filling a junior-level position.” Eighty percent of college students work their way through school, so focus on the record of achievements, especially in leadership and teamwork. For all candidates, make sure to evaluate vitally important soft skills, and think through whether they will be a good fit when working and collaborating with others. Need help filling positions or fine-tuning your 2020 hiring strategy? Call TeamLogic IT today.