Pros & Cons of Cloud-Based Backups


Cloud BackupsResearchers predict that up to 75% of U.S. small businesses will utilize some form of cloud backup this year. If you’re still mulling your move, here’s a quick reminder of some pluses (+) and minuses (-).

(+) Efficiency and reliability. Modern cloud providers support data performance and integrity using encryption, virtualization and other advanced techniques, which smaller organizations may lack. (+) Investment protection. Cloud solutions curtail concerns about future spending on infrastructure maintenance, upgrades and obsolescence. (+) Improved recovery. Despite its advantages, storing data locally can also present unique management and recovery challenges, which backing up offsite can mitigate.

(-) Monitoring. Compared with the cloud, some IT pros believe on-premises solutions provide greater visibility and control over data. (-) Bandwidth issues may arise when performing cloud backups during regular business hours.

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