Privacy Laws –The Trend That Will Never End


California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA)The trend toward ever-stricter consumer data-privacy protections continues with the now-in-force California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). Surprisingly, a recent poll of 625 California business leaders reveals that nearly half had never heard of the CCPA, and only 88% didn’t know whether it even applied to them. More than a third were unsure if they needed to change their practices for data collection, storage and handling.

As a reminder, the CCPA only applies to companies doing business in California that: earn more than $25 million in gross revenue; or hold data on more than 50,000 consumers; or make more than half of their revenue selling consumer data. If you are subject to the new law, you must know what data you collect, how it’s handled, where it’s kept, and have processes for deleting records upon consumers’ request. If your business is CCPA-exempt (for now), use it as the impetus to tighten data security and handling processes. Of the nine other states with similar laws forthcoming, six will follow the full CCPA model. In short: the new normal is here.