New Office Location Excels In The Cloud


New Office Location Excels In The Cloud


The Managing Director of a new healthcare education company tried to work with her IT department based in another state, but the distance and the fast growing nature of the company made it difficult to meet her immediate needs. She explained, “We started the company in a temporary office for a few months with some employees working from home and other offsite locations. Sharing information between employees and with our new worldwide clients was a challenge as we were growing much faster than we imagined.”

 She and her team were constantly e-mailing files back and forth resulting in the use of outdated information due to multiple versions stored in employee e-mail boxes. Email was clearly complicating their ability to manage the work. She explained, “We all felt challenged by not having a reliable IT infrastructure, including a server to share and view files. In addition, I didn’t speak the language of IT and didn’t always know what to ask for, this made it difficult to get the office set up and conduct business right away.”


We explained to our client that they needed a file sharing and collaboration solution that they could access from anywhere at any time to keep their teams aligned in their rapidly changing work environment. An in-house file server was a costly option, and there wasn’t time to do the configuration and set up, so we proposed a cloud-based solution. Due to the nature of their mobile work environment, it proved to be the right one. Our TeamLogic IT technical team set up a Cloud File Server and Cloud Hosted Exchange solution that was put in place just prior to Hurricane Sandy, which wreaked havoc on the area where our client was located.

“So many companies were put out of business for a while, but thanks to our cloud solutions, all of our employees were able to continue working from home to keep our new business going.”

“Working with TeamLogic IT has been a wonderful experience. They are always accessible and proactive in their approach. When we were ready to move into our permanent location, they took care of everything during the transition. We have come to rely on them for advice on all things related to our IT infrastructure. Our business would not be operating as smoothly as it is if TeamLogic IT had not picked up the ball and run with it.”