Leaders’ IT Budget Priorities for 2020


BudgetA company’s IT budget often reflects its strategic goals, ambitions and vision. Here’s what corporate IT decision makers polled by TechRepublic said were their top IT spending priorities for 2020:

#1–Security: Last year, 63% of respondents hailed network and data security as top budget priorities. This year the number fell to just 51%, perhaps reflecting returns from previous security investments or a shift in business focus.

#2–Cloud services: Forty-five percent of IT leaders reported this as their top IT budget priority.

#3–Internal hardware and software purchases placed third, as 37% of respondents ID’d them as top IT budget items. Rounding out the list were: digital transformation (31%), employee training (29%) and at 9%, IoT implementation. About half of those polled want (and expect) more value from technology vendors, including simplified fee and pricing schedules.