Is Your DR Plan Really Ready to Go?


Weathering the stormsGiven our current pandemic situation along with a history of catastrophic weather, fires, and earthquakes, should provide enough reason for you to re-evaluate your disaster recovery (DR) plan. Especially if your business operates on or near a U.S. coastline. Add in the sad realities of escalating cyberattacks and the crushing cost of unplanned downtime, and the impetus to scrutinize your DR plan–today–becomes nearly indisputable. Ideally, the process should include consulting with an IT MSP. But before that, advises Network World, “Any serious review should begin with a kind of SWOT analysis skewed toward weaknesses and threats.”

Examples of basic questions a preliminary DR self-audit might include:

1) How long since the plan was last reviewed and tested?

2) Have any new threats surfaced since the last plan review?

3) Does the DR plan account for all business-critical systems, apps and infrastructure?

4) How will data and equipment be restored?


Of course, these considerations barely scratch the surface. But they can serve as a reminder that, natural or man-made, unplanned outages can strike without warning, and that there’s no time like the present to prepare.