How Does Your Data Protection Stack Up?



How Does Your (08/07/19)Securing customer data isn’t just the law of the land, it’s also the ethical thing for companies to do. A report from the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) reveals that consumers worry more about data privacy than loss of personal income. How do your data protection practices compare with this sampling from IT experts? 


1) Make Privacy a Priority. After creating a robust data-handling policy, educate employees about it, including how you intend to enforce it.


2) Limit Access to customer data. The number of support staff truly requiring access to customers’ personal information is probably smaller than you think. Assess who has viewing privileges and pare down their ranks, if possible. 


3) Collect the Minimum. Gather only the data you need for business purposes and nothing more. Streamlining collection not only saves time and resources, it also gives hackers a much smaller target to aim for.


4) Delete When Finished. When you’ve concluded transacting with customers, consider destroying their information, rather than letting it sit idly on some server, waiting to be nabbed.