Give Your Transformation Some Traction


Digital Transformation (DX)Many small-business leaders are thinking about digital transformation (DX)–the use of technology to digitize and streamline processes, then applying insights gained to increase competitiveness. DX has leaders’ attention, suggests Forbes, because of its potential benefits, which include “the capacity to improve speed to market, increase innovation and enhance the customer experience.”

An SMB Group study of small- and medium-sized firms reflects this growing awareness. More than 80% of respondents agree that technological change is reshaping their industries, workplace and culture. Notably, however, just 19% believe their digital-business strategy is well-defined. In other words, leaders realize their industries are changing, and so must they. They’re just not sure how to plan or visualize the path forward. To that end, SMB Group and others offer these tips for giving your transformation some traction:

1) Strategize. An IT Managed Services Provider has both the business acumen and technical knowledge to help you identify strategic goals and objectives and get them into an actionable plan.

2) Analyze. Evaluate your industry for changes, trends and competitor activity. Pinpoint specific business challenges, which can be improved through process improvements.

3) Prioritize. Isolate one or two key areas offering the greatest returns, such as delivering a better customer experience (CE). Seventy percent of consumers say CE is a major driver in their purchase decisions. Forbes may be right when it says, “You can’t afford to sit on the sidelines just because you’re a small business. Don’t delay. Just get started.”