Fight Exposure with Dark Web Monitoring


Dark WebIf you follow technology news, you’ve seen an uptick in media coverage of the ‘dark’ web–a hidden and largely notorious online marketplace where anonymous users trade in virtually every illicit activity imaginable. The dark web made headlines in 2013’s infamous ‘Silk Road’ bust of Ross Ulbricht (aka the Dread Pirate Roberts) and others.  More recent stories include how the Feds shuttered AlphaBay, an e-Bay-like, guns-drugs-and-counterfeits site, and how dark-web denizens attempted (but failed) to auction off a kidnapped British glamour model. Not everything on the dark web is illegal, but business leaders should know that it is a thriving forum where thieves buy and sell stolen and sensitive information, including pilfered records, passwords and logins obtained from data breaches. Billions of records have been compromised in recent years, so crooks have plenty of inventory.

To fight back, many business leaders now use a service called dark web monitoring, which checks the internet’s most secretive corners, and reports back in near-real time whether their sensitive personal data is for sale. “The main benefit …is that it can provide early warning that you’ve been compromised,” says IDG, an advantage echoed by “Companies can choose what identifiable information to monitor, and receive notifications when that data is discovered on marketplaces, bins and dump sites.” This monitoring strategy can be used to: 

1) Alert business leaders to sloppy security practices.

2) Inform awareness and training programs and

3) Shorten recovery/response times to mitigate further damage.

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