Endpoint Security Worries Trending Up


Endpoint Security (09/04/19)A quick look at highlights from AT&T Cybersecurity’s 2019 Endpoint Security Survey will reveal whether you share the same questions and challenges as 400,000 other IT and security professionals. For example, is endpoint security becoming more important in your organization? It is in more than three-quarters of those surveyed.

Similarly, has your endpoint security risk increased in the last 12 months? A majority (53%) of those polled believe theirs has. So what’s got these clear-eyed cyber-pros spooked? More than one-third cited insider threats as their biggest concern, with slightly less (30%) most fearful of ransomware, and 21% of human error.

It seems survey participants’ trepidation might have been gained firsthand. In the past 12 months, 32% experienced one or more attacks that successfully exposed data assets and/or IT infrastructure. The reported impact of respondents’ endpoint attacks may be familiar, including: loss of end-user productivity (52%); loss of IT productivity (40%); and system downtime (37%), as well as reputational damage, theft of information assets, and loss of revenue–all in the mid-thirty percent range.