Country Club Hits a Hole-in-One Outsourcing to TeamLogic IT


Country Club Hits a Hole-in-One Outsourcing to TeamLogic IT


When the IT person at a prestigious country club resigned, the club’s controller began to consider the concept of IT outsourcing. “I talked with some of my colleagues at other clubs and learned that they were starting to outsource their IT. Since our person spent only half her time on IT-related tasks and half on accounting and administration duties, I started to think that it might be the right direction for us to take as well.” The club’s general manager explained, “I was concerned about finding the right IT partner for our club; one that would consider the level of service and professionalism our members expect. I also realized that we needed more security, state-of-the-art software and support, but hadn’t felt completely compelled to move in that direction since our members were happy and no significant IT problems had surfaced to force us to do anything differently.”


TeamLogic IT initially performed a system assessment for the country club and determined that the server had to be replaced along with the firewall and UPS’s. After contacting the club’s software vendor to ensure compatibility with the recommended new equipment, TeamLogic IT procured all hardware and began to plan the project. The servers were analyzed to make sure patches and security updates were installed and tested, and the firewall and UPS devices were tested as well. After preparing the old network, TeamLogic IT removed the old servers and installed the new servers. Then the data was migrated over to the new network and the proprietary software product data was migrated and tested. TeamLogic IT also installed and configured the Sonicwall firewall and tested connectivity. All the servers and equipment were plugged into the UPS’s to make sure they were protected from surges and brownouts.

An eFolder BUDR (Backup–Disaster Recovery) device was installed to ensure an onsite and offsite backup could be achieved. This device backs up the data both onsite and offsite and also has the ability to keep the network running in the event a server were to crash. This gives the club a superior level of redundancy and protection against just about any type of disaster.

Currently, all the computer systems at the country club are on TeamLogic IT’s managed services program being monitored 24/7 for viruses, downtime and other operational inefficiencies. These systems include computers in the offices and many wired and wireless POS systems throughout the club country grounds.


The country club’s controller expressed, “Working with TeamLogic IT is much more efficient for us. Looking back I didn’t realize how unorganized our network, server and back -up processes were.

Our data is so much safer now. Using TeamLogic IT for our ‘help-desk’ support has been a fairly seamless transition for our internal staff. It took a little while for them to make the adjustment, since they were used to just calling our internal person on the spot, but with TeamLogic IT, they’re always there when we need them.”