Cloud and DR Survey: Trends, Trials, Triumphs


Cloud_Trends Dec 2019Results from Unitrends’ latest Cloud & Disaster Recovery survey reveal some interesting insights into the current state of data protection, cloud use and disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS).

Key findings from 400 respondents represent a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities. Trends:

1) Cloud use for data protection is rising. Sixty percent of those polled use strategic protections, such as short-term data storage, cloud archiving and DRaaS to secure information. Trials: Losses persist. Since the survey’s inception five years ago, 30% of those polled report losses resulting from a data center outage. More than 40% have suffered some system downtime in 2019.

2) Protective burden growing. The number of organizations required to protect 100+ TB of data now stands at 31%, up 20% since 2016. Higher volumes are forcing companies to rethink their strategies and find ways to reduce burgeoning storage and capital equipment costs. Triumphs: Resiliency improving. Thirty percent of DRaaS users are recovering failed applications in less than one hour. Additionally, 61% of that group reported zero downtime in 2019, versus 39% of non-DRaaS solution users.