Call Center IT-Spend Trends Revealed


Call Center IT Spend TrendsA major provider of cloud-based contact center solutions recently released its annual customer experience study of 900+ contact-center decision makers. The survey aimed to gain insight into leaders’ goals, metrics and plans to invest in customer experience (CX) technologies. Whether you have a (phone-only) call center or (multi-channel) contact center, the study’s key findings may have value in upcoming strategy or planning sessions.

1) 54% of respondents plan to move all or part of their contact center technology to the cloud, while just 18% plan to keep those resources on premise.

2) 52% plan to invest in improving the overall website experience, and 42% say they’ll spend more to measure customer satisfaction.

3) Nearly 40% will invest in upgrades to chat, text, email communications, and service training. Whether such studies are self-serving is debatable. But, this much is true: they can stimulate questions about technology’s role in your own operations, and whether you’re investing in IT solutions (cloud, CX, etc.) that grow sales, improve service and move your company forward. Or not.