7 Traits of Highly Effective DR Plans


Bus Continuity (08/14/19)All businesses share similar risks of loss due to natural and manmade disasters. Check your recovery plan often to make sure it addresses these critical areas.

1) All probable scenarios. Identify, prioritize and detail responses for each likely disaster.

2) A BIA. A business impact analysis spells out events’ potential financial, legal and operational effects.

3) People.  Name specific individuals (and their contact info) who are essential in responding to and recovering from disasters.

4) Updates. Omitting technologies and applications that are actually deployed will doom your plan to failure. Refresh it after major changes to any internal systems.

5) Clear priorities. Sensitive assets, proprietary resources and IP trump other kinds of information. Secure them first.

6) Drills. Test DR plan and responder effectiveness through regular disaster simulations.

7) Evaluate DRaaS. Though attractive, a cloud-based recovery solution may or may not be right for you. Call us today to learn more.