4 Ways to Sustain Remote Cyber-Hygiene


GettyImages-1178178977.jpgAs businesses start to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, many will retain some portion of their at-home workforce. Whether it’s several employees or just a few, taking a prudent approach to remote cyber-hygiene will keep everyone safer and more secure during a potentially protracted recovery. For enterprises large or small, here are some suggestions that can help you sustain telework security as time goes on.

1) Audit user privileges. People with deep administrative access may have come and gone in recent months. So, take inventory and identify everyone who holds “admin-” level rights to business-critical assets, and make changes, if necessary.

2) Check and affirm visibility. Over the year, assets and endpoints may have been added, removed or relocated to accommodate remote users or optimize performance. Getting a clear view of your entire network will go a long way toward recognizing and preventing security issues. Deepening your visibility will also help support regulatory compliance. Though reports of enforcement have been scarce, laws like the GDPR and CCPA still remain in force. Ask your IT pro or IT Managed Services Provider (IT MSP) whether you have all the necessary tools and dashboards in place to effectively manage compliance initiatives.

3) Tighten up your VPN. The private network you set up earlier this year may have helped you navigate some difficult times. But like all security solutions, VPNs need to be regularly updated and monitored to maximize security and performance. For best results, integrate regular checks into your IT maintenance rotation.

4) Review endpoint security controls. As malicious attacks rise, the ability to confidently monitor and secure your “frontline defense” remains absolutely essential. Does your current solution effectively detect, assess, block and contain attacks-in-progress? For an in-depth assessment of your remote security solutions and practices, call TeamLogic IT today.