3 Signs You’re Working with a “Transformational” IT MSP


Digital Transformation2Buzz phrases typically have short shelf lives, especially in tech parlance. For several months, all business media seem to spout and tout the same couple of words. Until the furor fades, and a new batch of buzzwords comes along. Not Digital Transformation, though, which Techopedia describes in these simple, yet profound, terms: “Digital tools and technology are changing how people interact, and in turn this changes how people do business.”

And for businesses of all shapes and sizes, these changes are inexorable and irrevocable. Why such staying power ? Because, as the authors of CompTIA’s white paper “Using Strategic IT for Competitive Advantage” explain:

“We are living in a digital economy. Every business today can see that technology has become a more critical part of their operations and their future success… to remain competitive, companies know they must invest in IT. But that knowledge is not enough; they also must know where those investments should be made. Simply investing more in existing IT tactics is not sufficient.”

In short, digital transformation is driving IT services from its traditional tactical role into a primary position in strategic planning. CompTIA’s research confirms this inescapable trend. More than a third of business and technology executives recently polled strongly agreed with these three statements:

  • “We are using technology to drive our business outcomes.”
  • “The technology function plays a critical role in strategic planning.”
  • “We are redefining our business thanks to technology.”

For small to mid-size businesses (SMBs), which typically rely on a mix of internal and external technology resources, this evolution means their IT Managed Services Providers (MSPs) can no longer afford to think purely in tactical terms, either.

But as an SMB leader, how do you know you’re working with an MSP that can accelerate your digital transformation for competitive advantage? Here are three signs your MSP has “transformational” chops:

  • Curiosity Comes Naturally
    Transformational MSPs feature technicians with a persistent drive for picking apart processes and systems to learn their inner workings. When technologies such as machine learning emerge, the best technicians don’t wait for the next round of training. In fact, their intense curiosity informs their trouble-shooting prowess. These MSPs don’t just solve problems; they hunt for them, especially in the realm of cybersecurity.
  • Teaching is a High Priority
    Transformational MSPs not only support your training efforts in areas such as cybersecurity, mobility and cloud computing, they contribute to them by providing you with information from the field and reinforcing best practices as they interact with your staff.
  • Collaboration is a Service Cornerstone
    Transformational MSPs cultivate strong relationships with software and hardware vendors in technology ecosystems to simplify and expedite your interactions with these critical layers of IT operations. But they never lose focus on their collaborative relationship with you. Because you know your business and its technology needs best. So, no one is better than you at articulating your digital strategy and technology requirements.

Many IT MSPs already possess the technical talents to transform your company’s digital capabilities. Why wait for future staff to deliver tomorrow what a great MSP can bring to your business today?