3 Signs That IT Talent May Jump Ship


Employee resignationEmployee resignationHow can you tell when valued IT staff have one foot out the door? Tips by HR pros interviewed by Dark Reading may offer some exodus-stopping insights.

1) Note workers’ social media activity. An unusual flurry of likes, shares and posts (especially to convey authority or expertise) may signal that the employee is planning a move.

2) Monitor engagement. Talent that’s not feeling appreciated or challenged will begin to mentally check out and withdraw from team activities.  Regular, open discussions about individuals’ career goals and job satisfaction can clue you into their mindset before it’s too late. Show that you care about their employment experience and truly value their contributions.

3) Check the hire date. Tech-industry tenure is short these days, around 18 months, on average. Knowing and preparing for this critical crossroad can help you take preventive measures. Give us a call to discuss our IT support options.