3 Reasons to Be More Dark-Web Aware


Cybersecurity Dark-Web (09/11/19)In a smaller organization, leaders’ attention is often focused on the security-threat-du-jour: malware, ransomware, phishing, fill-in-the-blank. One danger particularly deserving of closer consideration is the dark web. Though it’s likely a case of “out of sight, out of mind,” the dark web’s mere existence should be of concern to SMBs, mostly because of:

1) Lack of Knowledge. A Switchfast poll of small-company employees revealed that 26% didn’t know about the dark web or its role as marketplace for stolen information. Such low awareness makes businesses more vulnerable to attack.

2) Data targeted. Hackers count on the mishandling of sensitive records, so they may also target your customers’ credit card information.

3) Insider threats. Any dark-web connection made from internal systems or with company logins puts your entire company at risk of some very bad things, which a dark-web monitoring service may help you avoid. Give us a call to learn more.