No More Sticker Shock With Managed Services

The office manager for a biotech start-up was unhappy with the company she had been using for computer support. After researching and interviewing a few other companies, she decided to use TeamLogic IT.

She explained, “It really boiled down to personality, philosophy and trust. I liked the TeamLogic IT team and their focus on looking at the big picture and helping us plan based on our long-term needs. With them, it wasn’t just about desktop support and day-to-day fixes, but our whole IT environment. From the very beginning, I knew they knew what they were talking about and I trusted them.”

Costs Reduced With Remote Monitoring
TeamLogic IT met with the office manager and talked with her about the benefits of preventative IT maintenance and remote monitoring. She and the rest of the staff at her company were used to their old provider being on site several hours per day, 4 days per week. But she never got used to the cost of this level of on-site support for their small 15-person office—monthly invoices ranged between $5,000 and $10,000.

“I didn’t realize that we were spending so much more than we needed to. The other company would invoice us monthly for a bunch of “tickets” and then I’d have to try to remember why they were here, what they did, etc. I would have to reluctantly pay the bill, sometimes without a clear understanding of what I was paying for.

“Now, with TeamLogic IT, we are saving thousands of dollars each month. We are on the SystemWatch IT managed services program with block hours which has decreased our monthly costs by more than 65%,” the office manager stated.

TeamLogic IT added “We see this a lot in our business.  Sometimes our clients just don’t know what they don’t know. They think on-site service is their only option. When we started talking with the office manager about managed services, she was intrigued, but a bit apprehensive because she and the rest of her staff were used to complete on-site support. They weren’t quite sure how the same level of service could be done remotely at less cost. So we did what we always do, we proved it to them.  They immediately saw huge cost savings when we placed their 15 workstations and 2 servers on our managed services program. Now, they get better support and the whole process is much easier than they originally thought.”

A Relationship Built on Trust

As a growing, start-up company this firm continues to work with TeamLogic IT on the wiring, cabling, and set-up of new offices. In addition, they will be moving their tape backup system to a cloud backup solution.

“Being on a managed services program is so much better. We now have control of our IT spending, making sure we only pay for what we need. I get honest answers from TeamLogic IT. They provide quick response time and I like being able to have planning discussions with them, something we never got from our old computer service provider.”

The office manager summed it all up by saying, “I honestly didn’t realize how much I relied on our IT support company, until I had an IT support company I could rely on! TeamLogic IT is there whenever I need them.”

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